Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Baby Album

Throughout your daughter’s / son's  life, there will be many occasions that she/he will celebrate, enjoy and reflect upon. Her/His 1st year, a coming of age celebration, will be one she/he will cherish forever. Designing a 1st Year album will be a tool she/he can use to look back on the memories in a visual and detailed way.
1st Year albums make a perfect gift for your daughter/son that she/he can keep throughout her life. She/He will be able to look through it after her/his celebration, years down the road or even share it with her/his children.
Customizing your exquisite and professionally done 1st Year album is easy and fun. Simply pick the photos you or your photographer has taken and upload them to us directly on this site. We will take these pictures, along with instruction and ideas from the parents and portray a young lady coming of age and highlight her momentous occasion through vivid visual expression.
Other features that are customizable include the actual album cover design. You will be able to choose form our high quality materials as well as select the color, cover photo placement and design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to producing custom made 1st Year; no two albums are alike. There are a number of different sizes to choose from depending on your needs.
At Epilogue Design we take pride in all the work we do for our clients and work hard to create an artistic expression of a personalized event such as a 1st Year celebration. Choosing to create a 1st Year album will be the best gift you could bestow upon your daughter/son and she/he will thank you time after time.

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