Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Promotion Available for April 2011 Event @ Melacca Only
EPILOGUE MOMENT (BASIC)(Kids,Self Potrait and Family)
As low RM120 ++
  • 1 HOUR
  • 1 DVD
    • Photosize 8R
    • Customised Wood Frame
+ RM50/PC
  • 2 HOUR
  • 1 DVD
    • Photosize 8R
    • Customised Wood Frame
    • 50 Pcs 4R

  • 1 DVD
    • Photosize 8R and 14R
    • Customised Wood Frame
    • 100 Pcs 4R

    Tuesday, 15 March 2011

    Welcome to the blog!

    Welcome to My Epilogue Designs blog. To view our professional work, please click on the 'categories' section on the right.

    For bookings in Malaysia & Worldwide, please email us for information on our availability.

    We look forward to preserving your precious memories as images you can look back on in years to come.

    Thank you & have a great day ahead!

    Baby Album

    Throughout your daughter’s / son's  life, there will be many occasions that she/he will celebrate, enjoy and reflect upon. Her/His 1st year, a coming of age celebration, will be one she/he will cherish forever. Designing a 1st Year album will be a tool she/he can use to look back on the memories in a visual and detailed way.
    1st Year albums make a perfect gift for your daughter/son that she/he can keep throughout her life. She/He will be able to look through it after her/his celebration, years down the road or even share it with her/his children.
    Customizing your exquisite and professionally done 1st Year album is easy and fun. Simply pick the photos you or your photographer has taken and upload them to us directly on this site. We will take these pictures, along with instruction and ideas from the parents and portray a young lady coming of age and highlight her momentous occasion through vivid visual expression.
    Other features that are customizable include the actual album cover design. You will be able to choose form our high quality materials as well as select the color, cover photo placement and design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to producing custom made 1st Year; no two albums are alike. There are a number of different sizes to choose from depending on your needs.
    At Epilogue Design we take pride in all the work we do for our clients and work hard to create an artistic expression of a personalized event such as a 1st Year celebration. Choosing to create a 1st Year album will be the best gift you could bestow upon your daughter/son and she/he will thank you time after time.

    Wedding Album

    Wedding albums are possibly one of the most cherish of all photo albums that we possess. Weddings are a joyous occasion filled with love, hopes and dreams. We can remember these emotions and the wedding day as a whole by securing our photos in a digitally created wedding album that will look beautiful and professional.
    Our wedding albums have a creative characteristic to them outside of the traditional blocked in photo style. We expand past edges to create seamless images that meld into one another creating a feeling of warmth and expression a person viewing the album would expect from such a perfect day. We work closely with the couple to ensure they receive just what they are looking for and more.
    Epilogue Designs take on their own look as we customize the wedding album cover with the color of your choice, cover picture placement and the shape of the album. You will also be able to select the size of the wedding album, which is one of the most important aspects of the album itself. We offer a wide variety of wedding album size choices including some of the most popular sizes: 4x7 wedding album, 5x7 wedding album and an 8x10 wedding album.
    Whether you are looking for leather wedding albums, fabric wedding albums, leatherette or more, you will receive the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of our flush mount wedding albums are handmade and professionally designed. Moreover, selecting a digital photo wedding album is easy to do. Our wedding album designer will ensure your memories are displayed impeccably in your personalized wedding album.
    Brides and Grooms who are looking for a professional designer to capture the essence of their special day in the form of a personalized wedding album will reap the benefits of being able to look back on their wedding day in beauty, preservation and love.

    Bithday Album

    Every year we have a birthday and take photographs of the celebration. We then get the photos developed, look at them and often times do nothing with them. This could be because we are very busy and do not have time to assemble them, forget to do it or a host of other reasons. For whichever reason, it just does not get done.
    Birthday photographs are important and pause a moment of time for us to remember. Each year our children and grandchildren get older, leaving behind innocence and youth after each step they take. Birthday albums help preserve these once in a lifetime moments and put them together into a single place for you to look back on.
    Even if you do not create a birthday album every single year, a birthday album for important landmarks in age such as a child’s first birthday, tenth, fifteenth or sixteenth as well as eighteenth birthday – which are all parts of a growing child’s life that they will look back on every now and again and reminisce – are birthday’s you do not want to miss. Providing a visual with a person’s memory will lead to smiles, stories, laughter and joy each and every time.
    Even those that have entered adulthood will appreciate a recap through a birthday album of their event such as a twenty-first birthday. Birthday albums can celebrate all birthdays – even as you get older. Major birthday celebrations happen at ages 40, 50, 60 and up. Creating birthday albums to share with friends and family, as well as look back on it yourself, are one of the joys in life that we take for granted.
    Instead of taking pictures and then forgetting about them, turn them into something wonderful that you will be able to enjoy throughout all points in your life. Take a trip down memory lane of your child’s fifth birthday when all they could talk about is a certain movie character they adore or browse through your own birthday album of the past and relive the excitement and happy times that were bestowed on you that day.
    No matter whose birthday it is, a birthday album is something every family should invest in. We offer a large variety of colors, materials, sizes, picture placement and design. Through our carefully hand crafted birthday albums, we bring out the best in that special occasion and help you celebrate a lifetime of memories. Let Epilogue Designs create your next captivating birthday album with a professional and artistic portrayal.